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UAE:13-year Old Rashid Survives After Being Strangled In Pass Out Game

A 13-year old boy survived after being strangled by his classmate, who participated in the 'Pass-out game'. The challenge is spreading among the teens' of UAE


A game called the ‘pass out game’ is becoming popular among the kids in UAE. Recently a 13-year old boy survives after being strangled by his classmate. There have been several incidents of children playing this game where the challenge is who can survive longer without breathing. The mother of 13-year old after the incident decided to create awareness about the game.

The ‘Pass-out’ Game spreading across UAE

It is reported that the 13-year old boy Rashid resides in Ajman participated in the choking challenge, which is spreading in the entire UAE like wildfire through social media platforms. One day Rashid came home and went straight to his room. His mother Hanan found his behaviour unusual. When she went to his room to check, she found that there were marks of Strangulation around his neck.  He told his mother that while playing the ‘pass out game’, his classmate has choked his neck with a belt, only to find out how long he can survive without breathing. The mother also reported that a few days prior to the incident both have watched a video on TikTok, where a girl strangles herself with a rope to complete the challenge and is choked to death. 

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Hanan creating awareness about the game 

Hanan told international media that she has warned her son not to engage in such challenges. However, she decided not to take Rashid to the hospital as they would further inquire about the incident and might even file a police complaint against him. Therefore, Hanan is now spreading awareness about the game and strangulation. She warned the parents in the nearby areas to keep a check on their children.

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The consequences of the pass-out game

In the pass-out game, the participants are required to tie a rope or belt around their neck and long for as long as possible. The people who stay for long wins the game. UAE reported several incidents of strangulation after the game went viral with people making TikTok videos. The doctors explained to international media that if a person tries to hold his/her breath for more than two minutes, it could lead to severe brain damage, loss of memory and consciousness. 

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