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UN Envoy Says Russia-US Talks To Play 'key Role' In Ending Syrian War

On May 18, the United Nations (UN) special envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen has called for talks between the US and Russia to cease the nine-year-long civil war.


The United Nations special envoy for Syria has called for talks between the United States and Russia to cease the nine-year-long civil war. Geir Pedersen said on May 18 that the countries have a “key role” in leading the way that would mark an end to the crisis in Syria as both Moscow and Washington currently support the conflicting sides of the war. Russia backs the Syrian President Bashar Assad and the US still supports the opposition.

Pederson told the UN Security Council that the three countries have emerged as the main forces that would arrange the fate of the Syrian war. Since Assad is backed by Russia and Iran and Turkey backs the opposition, according to the UN envoy those are “key players too”. He noted that members of the committee from the Syrian government, opposition and civil society, who will draft a new constitution for the country, and the 15 member nations of the UNSC are essential in the discussion. 

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Several opportunities were lost

According to the UN special envoy for Syria, there have been multiple opportunities in the past to change the path of the war-ridden country into political negotiations but those have been lost. Pederson reportedly said that “those missed moments were followed by renewed violence and a hardening of positions among regional and international actors.” He has also noted that the countries “must not repeat” the pattern.

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Pederson has also mentioned the anxiety with the ceased violence in Syria because the situation can escalate at any instance. He said that there is a disappointment that the political aspect of the war has been unable to deliver significant improvements for the Syrians. The UN envoy also said that there is a sense that showcases how global cooperation is overpowered with the competition.

“And there is a widespread sense that international competition is more prominent than cooperation, with Syrians paying the price,” he told the U.N.’s top council.

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