UNICEF Report: 2 Million Yemeni Children Out Of School Due To Conflict

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According to a UNICEF report, two million children in Yemen are out of school and about half a million stopped going to school since the conflict.

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According to a UNICEF report, two million children in Yemen are out of school and about half a million stopped going to school since the level of conflict increased in the Middle Eastern country. In addition to these reports, the future of 3.7 million school-going children hangs by a thin thread as salaries of the appointed teachers have not been paid for as long as two years.

As per international reports, an official from UNICEF said that violence, underdevelopment, and destitution have denied children of Yemen their right to study, learn and of their expectations for a promising future. Hostility, relocation, and assaults on schools are keeping numerous children from going to class. With the salaries of teachers going unpaid for more than two years, the quality of teaching has also started to be questioned, the official said. 

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The UNICEF official also said that children kept away from school face dangers including being compelled to join violence, child labor, and child marriage. They miss out on the chance to develop in a loving and friendly surrounding and in turn, are pushed into a life full of obstacles and poverty.

Saudi Arabia attack on Yemen

Five civilians were reportedly killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in Omran province in Yemen. It was reported that the coalition hit a mosque where the civilians had sought shelter when the attacks began. The five people are reported to be of the same family.

According to the reports, there are still two children missing and the rescuers are searching the debris from the building. There was no immediate confirmation by Saudi Arabia regarding the attack. Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis had allegedly announced on  September 20 that they would stop aiming missiles and drones at Saudi Arabia, provided the kingdom reciprocated by stopping its attacks on them and warning that the continuation of the war could lead to dangerous developments. The announcement later led to Saudi-led air raids against the Houthis in Yemen's port city of Hodeidah which was seen as a retaliation for attacks on two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia which were claimed by Yemen's Houthi rebels which are backed by Iran. 

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