Unusual Proposals: Man Proposes By Planting Carrot Inside A Ring

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The planning for the cute proposal started 4 years ago when Danielle was pregnant and that time, John bought a diamond ring without her letting her know.

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Unusual proposals

Canadian citizens, John Neville and his partner Danielle Squires have been together for the past 6 years. While fulfilling their parental duties with regards to two small children, they figured that both of them had to get married at one point. So, John gave Danielle the experience of a carrot-full proposal in their very own backyard.

A carrot-full proposal

The planning for the cute proposal started 4 years ago when Danielle was pregnant with their child. At that time, John bought a diamond ring without letting his partner get the slightest hint. He kept the ring all along, just waiting for the right moment.

In the month of June, John thought that it was high time as he had waited long enough and went ahead to plan his well-planned proposal in the backyard of their home in Canada.

John used to keep pigs, chickens and other animals alongside growing different kinds of vegetables and because of that, he was confident that his plan would be successful as he understood the nuances of gardening. He said that it was a tedious task but he put in all his efforts to ensure that it turned out to be the perfect proposal for Squires. 

One for the love of his life

According to Neville, he first filled up a bucket with mud that measured 5 gallons but left a little space at the very top. Going ahead, he buried the ring in the center of the bucket and with the help of a pencil made a small hole through the center of the ring with the hope of a carrot growing through the center of it after placing a few carrot seeds.

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John then put the rest of the seeds around the ring and waited for about 3 months and on September 21, he decided that it was the right day and the right time to pop the question to the love of his life.

He pulled out the bucket and then asked Squires and his son, Eric, to help him harvest the carrots. Eric plucked out a few carrots from the corner of the bucket and to John's relief, they had turned out fine. He then asked Danielle to pluck the carrot right in the middle of the bucket with a worried expression of not knowing as to whether his gamble of wanting the carrot to grow inside the ring had paid off or not.

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As soon Squires pulled out the carrot, John got down on his knee and said that he loved her and asked her if she would marry him. He added that Danielle was confused at first and when she realized that the carrot that she was holding had an engagement ring, her eyes teared up and she said yes. 

Daniele added that since the time she posted about what happened on facebook, she has been asked many a time about their plan to get married to which she replied that they still don't know but John's proposal was quite an experience.

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