Alligator Chomps Down Invasive Burmese Python, Video Breaks Internet

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An astounding video posted by Everglades National Park, Florida shows a mighty alligator chomping down on a Burmese python, netizens root for the alligator.

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

An astounding video which shows a mighty alligator chomping down on a Burmese python surface online. The video was shared by Everglades National Park in Florida on February 3 and ever since it has received almost 8,000 views and hundreds of likes. In the six-second video, the snake shows no signs of movement and it appears dead in the jaws of the alligator. 

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The video which has become an internet sensation also received several comments. One user wrote, “Go Gators!”. While another said, “Great video! The only way a python would ever get one of our boys is pure luck and they will both be going down! Meanwhile, I'm sure gators eat them daily”. A Twitter user also wrote, “I like snakes, but not in the Everglades! Hopefully, the gators will reign supreme!”. 

According to the recent United States Geological Survey, there are tens of thousands of Burmese pythons in the Everglades and researchers have seen declines in the number of raccoons, bobcats and opossums in areas where the snakes are most prevalent. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reportedly also host events that allow participants to venture into the Everglades to remove the invasive species in exchange for cash prizes. According to reports, during the recent Python Bowl, approximately 80 Burmese pythons were also removed. 

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In addition to these reports, Burmese pythons have been abundance in the Everglades since the 1980s (America's largest subtropical wilderness). Apparently, they were let out into the wilderness by the very people who owned them after they became too huge to handle. 

Fight between alligator and python

In another incident, a video was uploaded on Facebook that had recorded a ferocious fight between an alligator and a python at the Shark Valley Visitor Centre in the Everglades. The video clearly showed the alligator coming out victorious as he bites on the lifeless body of the snake before shaking it violently towards the end of the video.

In another incident, a 10 feet long python was about to devour an alligator but ultimately the reptile had its plan thwarted as a trained snake catcher rescued the 4-foot alligator. 

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