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VIRAL: Netizens Can’t Believe How This 70 Year Old ‘Pokemon Hunter’ Got 45 Million Creatures. Here’s His Trick

Written By Urvee Koyari | Mumbai | Published:


  • Chen received his first smartphone as a gift from his son and learned about the game from his grandson
  • The 70- year old Pokemon fanatic has 22 phones fastened to his the handlebar of his bicycle and remaining two in his pockets
  • He has caught a total of 45 million creatures in the game

Popularly known as ‘Pokemon hunter’, 70-year-old Chen San-yuan hunts pokemon on a bicycle with 24 smartphones!

In order to chase his passion which he claims to be that of hunting Pokemon, San-yuan in Taipei rides long distances every day on his bicycle with 24 smartphones, standing out as “most popular” for catching a total of 45 million creatures from the time he began playing ‘Pokemon Go’ in 2016.

Based in Taipei city of Taiwan, Chen is a Taoist master of divination and Feng Shui -- an ancient system that establishes rules about architecture and the arrangement of objects to ensure good fortune.

He is often regarded as “Uncle Pokemon” and was introduced to the game at the age of 66 by his grandson. Within no time of playing the game of augmented reality, he gained popularity to an extent where were hardly any people on the island who couldn’t NOT recognize him!

Starting with the phone he received as a gift from his son, Chen went on to increasing the smartphones to grow his arsenal in the game and had 11 of them a year ago. He is now equipped with 24 phones, raising the challenge, with twenty-two of them fastened to the handlebar of his bicycle and the remaining two in his pockets.

"It all began when my son gifted me a smartphone on my birthday, and my grandson taught me how to play Pokemon Go. It was a discovery," Chen told the media.

A Taoist master of divination and Feng Shui, Chen indulges in fortune-telling during the day and is seen on his bicycle, riding around the streets of Taipei, especially parks,  in search of pokemon by the evening.

He said that Pokemon Go is no longer a game only for the kids but for people of all ages and now in Taiwan people are also found in groups of hundreds engrossed in its augmented reality in order to catch, train and fight pokemon which requires wide movements and gathering of many players.

Chen was named as the ambassador of Taiwanese brand ASUS this year in February.

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