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WATCH: Kim Jong-Un Attending Fertilizer Factory Opening Event In North Korea's Pyongyang

KCNA released pictures of North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un attending an event at a fertilizer factory on May 1 in South Pyongyang, after 3 weeks

Kim Jong Un

After three weeks of aspersions cast on his health, on Saturday, the state's news media - KCNA released pictures of North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un attending an event at a fertilizer factory on May 1 in South Pyongyang. While pictures were released, several North Korea media experts had been demanding video footage of Kim at the event. The North Korean media has now released video footage of the event, where Kim is seen in attendance.

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Watch the footage here:

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What was the event attended by Kim?

The state-controlled North Korean media claims that the leader had cut the ribbon at the opening of a fertiliser factory, on which the people "broke into thunderous cheers of hurrah". KCNA adds that Kim expressed satisfaction with the factory's production system, and praised it for contributing to the progress of the country's chemical industry and food production. Pictures and videos show that the event was attended by several top party leaders including his sister Kim Yo Jang -  leader of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

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Rumours over Kim's deteriorated health

When Kim missed the celebration of his late grandfather and state founder Kim Il Sung on April 15 and was last seen on April 12, strong speculations were made about him being in a  'vegetative state' or dead. Moreover, adding speculation to the rumour, China flew its doctors to North Korea, inspite of South Korea's insistence that Kim was 'well and very much alive'. US President Donald Trump had said that he has a “very good idea" about Kim's health but couldn't talk about it and wished him well. 

Kim tours fertilizer factory in first public sighting in 20 days

Reports from Singapore claimed that  Kim Jong-un had recently undergone a stent replacement surgery after collapsing at a public event. The doctor who had operated on Kim was reportedly nervous causing a delay which had allegedly led to his rumoured vegetative state. Daily NK, a Seoul-based website, had reported that Kim was recuperating at his Mount Myohyang villa, in North Pyongan Province, and is exclusively for the use of the Kim family - after his personal train was spotted parked outside the compound.

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