Woman Mistakes Braided Ponytail On Ground For Snake In South Africa

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Woman screams as she mistakes braided ponytail for snake in South Africa. Named Fathima Dawood, the woman posted the image on Facebook which went viral

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

Fathima Dawood from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa reportedly mistook a braid lying in the parking lot that looked like a snake this week. She had to apologize to a startled woman nearby after realizing the snake was, in fact, only a braided ponytail weave. Fathima posted the incident with a picture of the braided ponytail weave, which must have fallen from someone’s head. As it was lying unharmed in a reptile position, Fathima mistook it.

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Fathima's Facebook post

She wrote on her Facebook post: “I apologize to the old lady in the parking lot at PnP when I screamed like a baby, thinking I had a snake coming after me. On the other hand, if you lost your braided weave, it is in the far left aisle of the PnP parking lot, unharmed and still in one piece."

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Netizens react to the post

Facebook users found the post very amusing. A user wrote: " I would have done the same!". Another wrote: "How funny jeepers it looks real". A third user wrote: "You made my day". Likewise, someone wrote: "I’m howling with laughter! Great share".

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Similar incidents when snakes were mistaken

The incident joins the list of funny spotting of snake worldwide. In China, a mysterious long, black object was spotted in a video to be wriggling in the Yangtze River, which prompted theories of China's own Loch Ness monster aka Nessie. Yet it turned out to be a 20-meter-long industrial airbag. Similarly, in Rousillac, Trinidad residents mistook a large snake as a stuffed toy in early September. 
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Animals save lives of owners from Snake

In yet another series of the incident, a shelter cat protected its owner from a venomous snake in Tennesse. As per reports, the owner thought his cat was playing in the night. Yet after two days, he realized that the cat killed a snake with its paws. Similarly, a brave pit bull puppy saved the children of its family from a venomous snake by attacking it and in turn losing his life.

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