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Woman Praises Restaurant In Tweet, Gets Free Chicken For Lifetime

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Published:


  • A couple of weeks ago, a woman's tweet praising the fried rooster sandwiches at Roaming Rooster.
  • The owner of the restaurant offered her free chicken for lifetime after her tweet went viral.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman's tweet praising the fried rooster sandwiches at Roaming Rooster in the Colombia District went viral and now the owner of the restaurant in return gave her free chicken for a lifetime. The woman, Bri Hall, is a musician raised in Maryland whose stage name is 'La Hara'. The tweet increased the demands for the restaurant's sandwich where people queued up at all hours of the day. The tweet was posted by Hall remembering America's obsession with the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich to suggest the locals try Roaming Rooster. The food joint is owned by an Ethiopian immigrant who she mentioned is a very kind person.

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Co-owner: Hall's tweet escalated our business

Michael Habtemariam, one of the owners of the restaurant said after her tweet their business escalated to new heights and she will never have to pay again. The same thing applies to the musician's boyfriend, Kristopher Head, who is a photographer and videographer at the states, said Habtemariam. Habtemariam co-owns the restaurant with his brother Biniyam Habtemariam and Biniyam's wife, Hareg Mesfin. He said they have never given free chicken to anyone for nearly four years since the restaurant launched. Head was the one who introduced Hall to the restaurant about a year ago. She said once Head brought chicken sandwiches from the restaurant and it was the best sandwiches she ever. She said since then they kept trying sandwiches from the restaurant and became permanent customers.

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The owners of the restaurant are kind people: Hall

She felt the urge to tweet about the Roaming Rooster when she was scrolling through her Twitter feed and found a large number of posts on Popeyes. She tweeted: "While Popeyes is cool and all if you live in the DMV area you should check out Roaming Rooster in DC. It’s Black-owned, and the founder Mike is Ethiopian born. He grew the family business from a food truck and has always been kind." The customers are eager to try Roaming Rooster's fried chicken sandwiches. He also said, unlike Popeyes Chicken, his restaurant is also likely to run out of chicken sandwiches anytime soon. The co-owner of the restaurant informed Hall via an Instagram direct message about the offer. She tweeted "Y'all I'm about to be THICK thick," to her followers. Hall penned down an email that her biggest achievement from the past few days is that there's no harm or nothing to lose by promoting someone who you know.

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