World Animal Day: With The Mission To Improve Condition Of Animals

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The mission behind celebrating World Animal Day is to improve the status of animals in order to enhance the welfare standards of all species, worldwide.

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World Animal Day

October 4 is celebrated as World Animal Day which was originated by the renowned cynologist, Heinrich Zimmerman on March 24, 1925.  The mission of this day to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. This day was officially started on 4 October 1931 in Italy which later was celebrated by the entire world with the same enthusiasm. In order to achieve the mission, the organization encourages animal welfare organizations, community groups, youth and children's clubs, businesses as well as individuals to organize events for the celebration and awareness. 

Unite the Animal Welfare Movements

According to the World Animal Day organization, the celebration of this day will unite the animal welfare movement and mobilize a global force towards making the world a better place for all animals. All over the globe, this day is jollified in various ways irrespective of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. With the increase in education and awareness, people can create a world where animals are always recognized as “sentient beings” with entire regard to their welfare. 

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Plans to attain the mission

Events are organized under this Day's Umbrella by publicizing and advertising the em on the organization's website. The participation in World Animal Day has consistently grown and it will remain this way until the animal advocates from around the world are connected. For this cause of keeping the planet's animals save is according to them can everyone join whether they are apart of an organization or a group or just an individual. The main reason to popularise the celebration of this day is that the lives of animals are “profoundly affected” by the actions of people and social movements. World Animal Day claims to embrace all animals and the unique concerns of each species in different countries. The head of Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE), Amina Abazaa has utilized today for a successful lobby and addition of a clause about animal welfare in the new Egyptian Constitution. 

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