World Kindness Day 2019: Initiatives That Teach The Art Of Giving

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On World Kindness Day 2019 let us learn about some initiatives that teach the art of giving. The day was first introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:
World Kindness Day 2019

Kindness is probably the quintessential factor that makes us humane and every organism with emotional intelligence has this act and willingness imbibed in them to 'be kind'. To celebrate this act of compassion, humans celebrate November 13 as World Kindness Day. The day was first introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of nations' kindness NGOs. Since then it has been celebrated by several countries across the world. It is true that an act of kindness brings solace to the soul. The smile we bring on a receiver's face is the reward we get if we are kind and there's perhaps no greater reward in this world than that. On this heartwarming day, let us join initiatives and organizations that have taught the world, the art of giving and being kind.

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Food Bank by Responsenet

This Non-Governmental Organization feeds 17,000 children every day across 13 Indian states. The volunteers reach out shelter homes, non-formal education centers, and creches in slums across India with food. Trishya Hajare from Food Bank told the media that one could run a food drive at their place, school, or housing community to gather non-perishable foods. These food items are then picked up by a cab which ultimately reaches the plates of underprivileged children. Every food collector also receives an impact report on their contribution. To lend your hand, contact

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Aanchal Sharma's free meals

Aanchal Sharma is a cancer survivor who cooks meals from her own earnings by selling gift hampers and feeds poor children. Aanchal is all alone and needs assistance. She said the media that she has to cook all the food in her drawing-room. Someday, Aanchal would like to have a big kitchen where she can keep up the good work. Reach out Aanchal on at Milaap or directly at

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Pukhraj's mental healing sessions 

Pukhraj is a therapist who has been healing cancer patients in Delhi. In order to do so, he visits the AIIMS complex, three days a week to provide the patients' care and compassion. He said the media that cancer patients deal with mental trauma along with physical trauma. All he does is that he hears their life stories and struggles and hugs them in the end. The healer also visits juvenile jail to help addicts. Around 30 kids call him every day and share their stories. You can be a healer too by joining Pukhraj on the Facebook page:

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Kindness chain by Black Lotus Peace Foundation

Black Lotus Peace Foundation, an NGO in Delhi has started passing od kindness cards to random people who pass on the cards another set of random people. This initiative generates and reminds compassion to humans who have lost their way into darkness. The kindness human chain has also reached Bangalore informed Karthik Sankaran, co-founder of the app. The cards are self-explanatory and can be given to anyone who has been kind or has done an act of kindness — be it a colleague, a family member or a complete stranger. Each card has a unique QR code and one should scan the card before passing it on. The scanning will take you to a website, where a message can be written for the recipient. Each time the card is scanned, the number in the chain gets incremented, and one can see the total number of hands that the card has passed through.

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