You Won't Believe How Many Followers This Squirrel Has!

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Jill, a seven-year-old squirrel has become the internet‘s new favourite. World's most famous squirrel who was rescued in 2012 has 798K followers on Instagram

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:
World's most famous

Jill, a seven-year-old squirrel has become the internet‘s new favourite. The little rodent cannot bear to sleep without her miniature Teddy Bear. She has 706 thousand followers on Instagram and is already a viral celebrity. 

Jill, who was rescued from Hurricane Isaac in 2012, has been her family’s favourite ever since.

Her Instagram profile says that she is 7-year-old Hurricane Issac rescue. It also mentions that she is a "vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is a vacuum." It also comes with a disclaimer -- she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.

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A vegetarian, parkour expert and Starbucks napkin lover

Her pictures of wearing different outfits and headgears, jumping off the bed, operating a computer, wearing sunglasses, vacationing at exotic locations are already a social media sensation. She has also been known to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day and Valentines Day amongst others.

The Instagram page also offers a link to purchase a ‘fan pillow‘ with her face emblazoned onto them. The cushions boast a range of fancy dress options, including her mummified Halloween costume, her many birthday hat scenarios, and Easter chick embraces.

Take a look at her pictures


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This is not the first case of social media accounts of pets getting viral. Recently, pictures of a cat took the internet by a storm. The cat was seen riding on the pillion seat of a bike as a man rode the bike in the middle of a busy street. The cat barely looked afraid or anxious. The location where the pictures were clicked is not certain but the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority logo in the background, as well as a partially visible licence plate, suggests that the bike-riding cat is from Mumbai.

In a similar incident, a few weeks ago when the Motor Vehicle Act was amended in Delhi a picture of a dog wearing a helmet tickled the funnybones of netizens, leading to some hilarious memes.

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