WTO Struggles For Standardised Global Fishing Rules: Attenborough

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The WTO is progressively constrained to think of a global scheme to curb fisheries subsidies. David said a global deal to end harmful fisheries is the next step

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The World Trade Organization is progressively constrained to think of a global scheme to check fisheries subsidies. Presently, a nonagenarian is driving the battle to stop what he calls a destructive practice. A short video premiered on social media starts out with a famous filmmaker David Attenborough, who is best known for making documentaries on nature. Attenborough said a global deal to end harmful fisheries subsidies is the next important step in the restoration of our oceans.

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The WTO has come up with global guidelines 

The video sends a strong message to governments around the world and decision-makers in Geneva at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Earlier, the WTO has come up with global guidelines for government subsidies for industry and farming. The video is intended to add strain to reach another deal before the end of this year on global fishing rules, which is one of the UN's authentic Sustainable Development Goals. It additionally comes during a significant round of negotiations when time seems to be running out.

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Governments around the world reluctantly give around $22 billion of public money

Currently, governments around the world reluctantly give around $22 billion of public money for fisheries subsidies. These illegal transactions, in turn, have often led to overfishing and threaten fish stocks and jobs. It is assessed that 85% of governments' fisheries subsidies advantage large industrial fleets, thereby misshaping markets to the impairment of small scale distinctive fishing companies. Small-scale fisheries employ 90% of all fishers yet account for 30% of the catch in marine fisheries. Attenborough said ocean recovery is possible. He said healthy oceans can be achieved with time and proper planning. Seabeds and fish stocks can recover through sustainable fishing and continue to feed the billions who depend on it. Enhanced management of the oceans can bring big economic profits for the seafood industry besides strengthening food security. He has suggested that the billion in current subsidies should be utilized in building the resilience of coastal communities.

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