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Top Russian Diplomat Calls US The 'main Beneficiary' Of Russia-Ukraine War

The Kremlin diplomat asserted that the US is benefiting largely from the conflict and from Europe's decision to supply weaponry to Ukraine.

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Bhagyasree Sengupta

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov called the United States the main beneficiary of the Russia-Ukraine war. The Kremlin diplomat told Sputnik that Washington is benefiting largely from the conflict and from the European nations' decision to supply weaponry to Ukraine. Ryabkov also accused the US of being the main orchestrator of the Ukrainian crisis. The remarks from the Russian diplomat came after several western allies of Ukraine, including Germany, decided to send their highly powerful battle tanks to Kyiv, to help the war-stricken country deal with the Russian forces. 

"It is obvious that the United States is not only the main conductor in the Ukraine crisis but also its main beneficiary. Among other things, Washington considers Ukraine as a testing ground for its military-industrial products, where various weapons systems and methods of their use, including modern, very long-range ones, are being tested… for resistance to Russian weapons," Ryabkov told Sputnik. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister also asserted that by pushing European nations to send ammunitions of Ukraine, Washington is trying to establish “multibillion-dollar contracts”, for the purchase of US military products. 

The Russian diplomat called it a “cynical game” and went on to claim that the game “will end badly”. Commenting on Washington’s decision to send Abrams tanks to Kyiv, Ryabkov asserted that the move closes doors for any kind of talks with Ukraine. "We are ready to study any serious initiatives to resolve the Ukrainian crisis but so far no one has really articulated them… In the current conditions, when Washington has announced its decision to supply tanks, and its vassals, including Ottawa, are competing to see who and how much weaponry will supply to Ukraine, especially outdated one, it is pointless to talk not only with the Ukronazis, but also with their puppeteers," the Deputy Foreign Minister exclaimed. 

Washington sending tanks to Kyiv upsets Moscow

Earlier this month, US President Joe Biden announced that the US would send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, to help the war-stricken country deal with Russian prowess. The mighty M1 Abrams entered service in the 1980s and started serving as the main battle tank of the United States Army. Announcing the initiative, US President Joe Biden asserted that the tanks will “enhance Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives”. The President also announced that Washington will be providing Kyiv with “parts and equipment”, necessary for Ukrainians to sustain the tanks on the battlefield.  Hence, it will take months for the tanks to come into play in the Russia-Ukraine war. 

The announcement by Washington angered the Russian bloc to a great extent. On Thursday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov asserted that the arms supply to Ukraine by western allies “testify their direct and growing involvement” in the Russia-Ukraine war. Ryabkov also asserted that the measures by US and NATO to help Ukraine can turn out to be “extremely destructive”. "We don't need anything from the West. We want to be left alone. But NATO, for its part, with maniacal persistence worthy of better use, has consistently crawled up to the Russian borders, at the same time zombifying our neighbouring countries with Russophobic horror stories," Ryabkov said. Hence, the move by the US to send battle tanks to Ukraine has not only rattled Russia but has also hindered any form of peace negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. The bilateral ties between Russia and US have also gotten heavily impacted by the decision. 

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