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UK Says It Won't Send Fighter Jets To Ukraine If It Undermines British Safety

UK has said that they will not send fighter jets to Ukraine if it poses a risk to British safety. UK has said that it has all the “potential risks" in mind.

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UK has said that they will not send fighter jets to Ukraine if it poses a risk to British safety. The 10 Downing Street has said that it has all the “potential escalatory risks” in mind. "Firstly we haven’t made a decision in terms of UK provision of jets, we are training currently. The UK is in the process of providing Challenger tanks and we have provided longer-range capabilities as well. We take these decisions carefully and we do it thoughtfully. We are aware of potential escalatory risks," said the 10 Downing Street spokesperson, as per a report from PA media. 

"But throughout we have been confident the approach we are taking is the best and quickest way to help Ukraine end this war, which is obviously in everyone’s interests. And it is Russia that continues to take escalatory action with their bombardment of civilians and continue their illegal war in Ukraine," the spokesperson added. These statements come a day after Zelenskyy's visit to UK, where he demanded fighter jets and in fact went to the extent of thanking Britain in advance for the fighter jets. 

Why does Ukraine want fighter jets?

The Ukrainian demand for fighter jets comes at a time when the war is intensifying. Russian attacks in the east have already picked up pace. Earlier expectations that the war will wind up within a year have been proven wrong. If anything, it seems that as the war completes one year, both sides will throw in more weapons on the battlefield. Until now, airpower has played a limited role in the war. Many analysts have wondered why Russia hasn't used its fighter jets in the war. Some have speculated that Russia is afraid it doesn't have complete air dominance. If Ukraine ends up getting fighter jets, Russia will be forced to use fighter jets as well. 

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