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Taliban refuses to oblige Pakistan's demand of placing curbs on terror group TTP: Report

TTP is reportedly exploiting Afghan land as a safe haven for wreaking havoc in Pakistan, resulting in an estimated 83,000 Killings so far.

Reported by: Anurag Roushan
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The Taliban refused to accept Pakistan's demand to put a curb on the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in exchange for the favour done by Islamabad in facilitating their return to power in mid-August last year, news agency ANI reported citing Al Arabiya post. The report stated that TTP is exploiting Afghan land as a safe haven for wreaking havoc in Pakistan, resulting in an estimated 83,000 Killings so far. Islamabad has also stressed that the TTP is a "test case" for the Taliban-led Afghan government.

It also stated that if the new authorities in Kabul are unable to handle Pakistan's concerns, how can they expect other countries to believe their claims of cutting all ties with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations? Pakistan hoped that combating the banned TTP would help the interim administration acquire credibility in the eyes of the international community in dealing with other terrorist groups. A senior Pakistani official warned the Taliban that failing to meet Islamabad's concerns would be detrimental to Afghanistan's position, The Express Tribune reported. As per the report, Pakistan's banned group, TTP is backed by the Afghan Taliban. 

TTP involved in several terror attacks in Pakistan

TTP is responsible for multiple terror incidents in Pakistan, including the Peshawar Army School massacre in 2014, which killed over a hundred children, the report stated. Last month, TTP bombed a military vehicle within the limits of Drabin police station in Pakistan's Dera Ismail Khan district, injuring two soldiers. TTP also killed a police officer in the Gandapur area on December 19. The militant group even detained another police officer who was on duty in Peshawar's Nothia neighbourhood. 

TTP vows to continue decades-long war

It is pertinent to mention here that the proscribed TTP announced last month that it will not prolong the month-long ceasefire agreement reached with Pakistan's Imran Khan-led government. TTP also vowed that it will continue to wage the decades-long war against the state, striking a severe blow to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's efforts to reach a peace pact with the group. On December 9, the TTP issued a statement accusing the Pakistani government of failing to uphold the terms of the agreement, including the release of their fighters, Dawn reported. 

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Published January 13th, 2022 at 20:24 IST