Updated March 28th, 2024 at 09:27 IST

Terrifying Video: WATCH Giant Alligator Tearing Through Metal Fence As If It Were Made Of Paper

Viral Video: There are over 1.3 million alligators in Florida, and any gator longer than four feet is deemed dangerous to people.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
WATCH: Alligator breaks through a metal fence with ease | Image:X

Viral: Recently, a Florida gator successfully challenged and overcame a metal fence. This beast broke right through and bent the bars in a breathtaking demonstration of strength. The video, which was taken in the town of Placida, demonstrated how simple it was to breach a metal fence and make it appear as though it were made of paper. It was almost like watching a real-life 'He-Man'. It's easy to understand why the video has been going viral on social media. 

Gator Tears Through Fence

The video was shot at a private golf course in Placida, Florida, and depicts the alligator forcing its way through the bars with its head. Then the bars split apart, appearing to be made up of rubber or paper. One bar breaks before the enormous gator gets half of its body through the barrier. It looked to bend so easily because the fence was made of aluminum. With some help, the alligator slipped under the barrier and eventually managed to get through the fence.

Social Media Users React

Many social media users were not surprised by this, particularly in light of the state's construction standards. Some said, "Watching videos like this makes me remember why I never go to Florida." A few said it appeared the gator had done it previously. "When you remember how low construction standards are in Florida, it makes more sense," a user said. The video has received 7.1 million views and a ton of likes and comments since it was shared.


Though Florida gators are known to travel around more in the spring and have been observed scaling fences in the past, this particular gator was obviously looking for a more direct path. There are over 1.3 million alligators in the state, and any gator longer than four feet is deemed dangerous to people. 


Published March 28th, 2024 at 09:27 IST