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UK PM Boris Johnson Does Push-ups To Show How Fit He Is, Netizens React

UK PM Boris Johnson resorted to press-ups during an interview with the British newspaper The Mail to show how fit he is after recovering from coronavirus.


The United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson resorted to push-ups during an interview with the British newspaper The Mail to show how fit he is after recovering from coronavirus. According to reports, Prime Minister Johnson was giving an interview to the newspaper discussing his plans to invest more in infrastructure to bounce back from the coronavirus impact. During the interview, Johnson said "I am as fit as a butcher's dog" following which he asked a question, "you want me to do some press-ups to show you how fit I am?" and started doing push-ups in a tie and shirt on his office floor. 

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The picture of Johnson doing push-ups was published on June 29 in the newspaper following which netizens went abuzz and started resharing it on the internet. The picture is now going viral on Twitter with some criticising the prime minister for staging stunts to distract the public from seeing the failure of his government in handling the coronavirus crisis. One user commented, "Perhaps instead of the daily briefing Boris Johnson can show us actually how many push-ups he can really do." Another user wrote, "Such disrespect. He should visit care homes, and the hospitals; the NHS staff, and the relatives of those who have lost a loved one. Do your push-ups there."

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COVID-19 in UK

According to the department of health and social care, the United Kingdom has tested 91,95,132 people as of June 28, of which 1,27,709 were tested on June 27 alone. So far, 3,12,653 people have tested positive in the country with over 43,600 deaths. The United Kingdom is one of the worst-hit countries in the world with the third-highest death toll, just behind Brazil and the United States. Meanwhile, the world has recorded over 10 million confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 5,02,000 deaths. 

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