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Boris Johnson’s Popularity In UK Plummets At The Peak Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, UK PM Boris Johnson’s public support has plummeted as compared to last month when he was battling with COVID-19, new poll has found.

Boris Johnson

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s public support has plummeted, a new poll has found. According to reports, the number of citizens who favour Johnson’s governance has dropped by at least six points since last month when he was tested positive of COVID-19 and was being treated in the intensive care unit at London hospital.

However, since then the British PM has faced harsh criticism over his response to the global health crisis and some of the rules put forth by the government have even been deemed as ‘confusing’. Johnson is now viewed favourably by only 45 per cent of people in May, according to a survey by Ipsos Mori. 

Meanwhile, the UK has confirmed at least 255,541 cases of coronavirus and 36,475 deaths according to John Hopkin's University.

At least 38 per cent have expressed that they are not confident with the leadership of British PM which is a spike of at least seven per cent since April. Among the Tory voters, Johnson’s ratings plunged from 91 per cent in April to 79 per cent in May. The UK PM was popular among the Britons before his government had announced the lockdown to curb the further spread of coronavirus.

Pollsters have reportedly said the drop in his favourability is the fading of his ‘rallying-around effect’. Meanwhile, the public in the UK was equally split on British Health Secretary Matt Hancock who was favoured and opposed by 33 per cent respectively.

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Johnson 'forced' to make a u-turn

Recently, Johnson announced that the migrant surcharge on the healthcare workers in the National Health Service (NHS) has been removed. This comes after the British PM had told the UK lawmakers that imposing the £624 fee on NHS workers from other countries is the “right way forward” amid the coronavirus crisis. According to reports, Johnson’s Conservative government was ‘forced’ to take the major U-turn from its policy by the opposition. 

The UK PM even faced harsh criticism for his remarks from Tory MP’s including the Labour leader Keir Starmer who had raised the issue in the House of Commons on May 20. According to reports, the critics of the controversial visa surcharge was called ‘mean-spirited and immoral’. According to Tory MPs, the extra fee on migrant NHS workers risked a rebellion on a Labour amendment to the immigration bill.

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