Brexit Offers UK A Chance To Fix Immigration System, Restore Control: British Think Tank

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As Britain leaves the European Union membership after 47 years on January 31, it finally gives the British government to fix its 'broken' immigration system.

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As Britain has left the European Union membership after 47 years on January 31, the move has now finally given the British government a chance to fix its immigration system and restore controlled migration. A report by think tank 'British Future' earlier had said that the Brexit referendum was an outcome of 'vote of no confidence' in the existing policies. The report also said that the public expectations of a decrease in low-skilled migration must be met.

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Even though Johnson has promised to 'unleash Britain's potential' by introducing Australian point-based style immigration system, the survey by British Future suggested that nearly half of Britons do not trust that the government will reach the net migration target it has set. However, British lawmakers have pledged to reduce the net migration to less than 100,000 by 2020. 

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recently released its report on the Australian immigration system that will form the backbone of immigration policy in Britain after the transition period ends in December 2020. This report suggested that Johnson would have to make decisions about specifics of such system including its attributes, qualities and qualifications merit more points than others. 

However, only little will change after January 31 as Britain will still remain the part of Europe's single market until the end of the transition period. Therefore, the UK will keep its border open for EU citizens. According to international reports, there are chances of EU migration to drop significantly if the British government does not extend the transition period. 

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Johnson hails Brexit

Irrespective of other concerns rooting from the historic moment, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Britain's departure as a 'moment of real national renewal and change' while thousands of supporters gathered outside the British Parliament. Most Britons were seen welcoming the moment they longed for since the 2016 referendum to leave the union which was joined back in 1973. 

Moments after the historic countdown at British Parliament, Johnson declared that 'tonight we have left the EU' which is an 'extraordinary turning point' in UK's history. While many Britons also mourned the loss of their EU identity, UK PM asked the citizens of his country to 'make the most of opportunities' after Brexit and 'unleash the potential'. However, the exit only marks the first stage of the entire saga as Britain has now entered the transition period with the EU. 

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