Donald Trump Wants Johnson And Farage To Work Together On Brexit

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US President Donald Trump said that PM Boris Johnson and Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage should work together on Brexit and face the challenges of trade

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Donald Trump

The President of the United States, Donald Trump made a suggestion for the political scenario in Britain and said on November 3 that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farge should come together in order to protect the trade interests of the country. When asked by the reporters which UK leader did he support, President Trump said that 'I like them both'. According to the US President, both UK politicians should work in synergy for the expansion of US-UK trade after Britain leaves the European Union. 

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The US President 'just reiterated'

Nigel Farge not only retweeted President Trump's interview with the reporters explaining the trade constraints with Britain after it is no longer the part of the European Union but also said that PM Johnson's deal is 'not Brexit' and also that it 'does not get Brexit done'. Donald Trump said that the 'biggest economy in the world' US will be prohibited from doing trade with the UK which will be less beneficial for Britain as both countries can do much more business as opposed to the 27-nation-bloc. The US leader believes that since both UK lawmakers are his friends, they will definitely come up with a solution, 'its a possibility'.

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December elections in the UK

The United Kingdom House of Commons approved Prime Minister Boris Johnson's request for an early parliamentary General Election on October 29. The UK lawmakers voted 438 to 20 to pass the bill to the House of Lords and conduct elections on December 12 which will also decide the future of Britain's divorce from the European Union. Earlier this week, PM Johnson had threatened the MPs to pull the European Union Withdrawl Bill entirely and call for elections after the British Parliament rejected his fast track timetable to make Brexit happen on October 31. The UK leader believes that 'it is time to break the Brexit deadlock' and said that the current Parliament has failed to make Brexit happen, therefore there is a requirement for a 'new one' to get Britain back on the journey to a 'brighter future'. 

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