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Ex-First Minister Of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon Faces Pressure To Quit SNP; Know Why

Former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is under immense pressure to quit the Scottish National Party amid the financial crisis in the party.

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Bhagyasree Sengupta

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After Former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed the reason behind her resignation from the office, reports are emerging that she is under immense pressure to quit the Scottish National Party (SNP). According to Telegraph, the former first leader is also getting pressure to quit the party since it is facing a financial crisis. The news of this newfound pressure came just a week after it was Sturgeon revealed that the online rumours were part of the reasons, she decided to resign from the office of the First Minister of Scotland. It was Humza Yousaf, who succeeded Sturgeon in March this year. 

On Sunday, the reports emerged that Sturgeon urged his party members to ask about the party’s finances. This ferocity from the former first minister came shortly after the Scottish police started investigating them. According to Telegraph, Yousaf is now facing demands to suspend her party membership if she refuses to step down, amid the ongoing investigation. The pressure also came after Yousaf was forced to deny that the SNP is on the verge of “bankruptcy”. Earlier this month, the treasurer warned the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) about the current financial crunch. 

Reduction of donors is part of the reason for the bankruptcy

Colin Beattie, a member of the Scottish Parliament, told Telegraph that the reduction in donors and the rising legal cost linked to the ongoing police investigation is part of the reason for the financial crisis. We need to find money to keep the party going forward or we’ll keep cutting our tail until there’s nothing left,” Beattie asserted. The decision of multiple activists to quit the party following the dramatic police raid at Sturgeon’s home and the arrest of her husband can be seen as the reason behind the ongoing crisis in the party. In the midst of all the chaos, the former first minister will also be absent from Holyrood when the Scottish Parliament returns to business after Easter break. According to Telegraph, Sturgeon will be attending the session remotely. 

Sturgeon wants to be a backbencher while she remains in the spotlight

After Sturgeon resigned from her office, she insisted that she will remain as a backbencher in the party until the next Scottish parliamentary elections. The election in question is more than three years away. However, things went downhill after Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell was arrested earlier this month. Murrell was arrested following an investigation into the party’s finances and the detectives even went on to seal off Murrell's Glasgow home.

The arrest came after the Scotland Police were investigating the spending of about £600,000 which was earmarked for the Scottish independence campaign. "The man (Murrell) is in custody and is being questioned by Police Scotland detectives. Officers are also carrying out searches at a number of addresses as part of the investigation,” a spokesperson from the Scottish police asserted at the time of the arrest, Telegraph reported. Overall, the whole saga has caused a major threat to Sturgeon's seat in the party. 

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