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Footage Shows A Horrifying Moment As Infant Is Blown Down The Street By Storm Ciara

Footage in which the storm can be seen wreaking catastrophic havoc shows a child blown away by severe winds as his father rushes across the street


An alarming video of an infant being swept away by the gales during the storm Ciara in Blackpool, Lancashire has left netizens shocked. The video in which the storm can be seen wreaking catastrophic havoc on the town, the 80mph severe winds blew away a child as his father rushed across the street to rescue him.

Eyewitnesses terrorized and speechless at the sight

The onlookers can be heard screaming in the video as the baby is hurled forward on the road with a force that left the eyewitnesses terrorized and speechless. According to the reports, more than 20,000 homes spent the night without power and flood warnings have been put in place in all over the country.

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Roads have been taped off by police in Blackpool since the debris is causing major issues throughout the region. More than 180 flood warnings remain in place around the UK, the majority in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Astonishingly, 24 hours of rainfall in some parts of the UK has been equivalent to that of an average 1.5 months, suggest media reports.

A father of a child, reportedly a passer-by at the time of the incident, took to social media to spread awareness and warn the parents to ensure the safety of the toddlers amid the severe storm.

He told the media that it was a really daft thing to do to let go of the child. He further added that the parents were probably the holiday makers since there were no locals out and about in the storm and usually the residents stay indoors.

He said that the family was given shelter and the kid was reported to be alright, there were no injuries. The family was shaken up, he added, it could have been worse. The clip has been widely shared on Twitter by several users, some slamming the family for bringing the child out during a storm.

Users largely shared the footage to caution the families to not bring the kids out to avert the crisis of toddlers being carried away by the strong winds like the kid in the video. 

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