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King Charles Coronation: Nick Cave, Katy Perry, Emma Thompson Amongst Celebrity Arrivals

Several guests have started arriving at the King Charles coronation. Celebrities such as Nick Cave, Katy Perry, Emma Thompson, and Lionel Ritchie have arrived.

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King Charles Coronation

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Several guests have started arriving for the King Charles coronation event at Westminster Abbey in London. Among the latest arrivals, as per Associated Press, the celebrities such as experimental musician and singer Nick Cave, Lionel Ritchie, Mr Bean singer Rowan Atkinson, British TV presenter-duo Ant and Dec, and TV host Bear Grylls have arrived. Pop singer Katy Perry, Sir Lloyd Webber, British celebrity Emma Thompson and actor-writer Stephen Fry and the magician Dynamo have also arrived, and are currently taking their seats at the church. The queue for VIP guests was a mile long around 6 am as they awaited receiving their one seat among the 2,300 seats inside the premise. Check out the pictures below.

Emma Thompson
Nick Cave


Westminster Abbey is filled with hoards of British citizens and people from all around the world, who aim to see the crowning of King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla.  The number of people crowding the streets of London is approaching 2 million despite the forecast of rain. While the trains were jam-packed on the Coronation day morning, soldiers who were slated to participate in the ceremony were seen moving through the mainline stations. 

What to expect from King Charles' coronation?

The coronation of King Charles will mark the first time in almost 70 years that the coronation of the King is being performed. The last coronation event in the UK was for Princess Diana in 1953. The ceremony will feature rituals and royal processions which were originated more than 1,000 years ago. The King's consort, Queen Camilla Parker Bowles, will also be crowned at the ceremony. 

The coronation be initiated with music, which will be played to King Charles' liking. The almost two-hour-long ceremony will feature five stages, namely Recognition led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Oath where King Charles will be asked about maintaining law and Christianity in the country, the anointing, the investiture and crowning, and will finally conclude with the enthronement of the new king. King Charles III's son, Prince Harry, will kneel to him in order to swear allegiance and pay homage. 

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