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Martin Bashir Opens Up About 1995 Panorama Interview With Diana, Issues Apology

Martin Bashir for the first time apologized to the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, saying that he was “deeply sorry” for the defamation it brought to Royals.

Martin Bashir


Defending the 1995 Panorama interview, journalist Martin Bashir on Saturday revealed that he “did not intend to harm” Princess Diana. Adding that he “does not believe” that the controversial interview that tattered the Royals image, was in any way detrimental. Speaking to Sunday Times about the aftermath of the world exclusive 1995 interview he took with Princess of Wales, which the experts claimed he landed via “deceitful behaviour’, Bashir said that Princess Diana was never unhappy with the interview and that they had continued to be good friends even after the Broadcast of the one on one sit-down. Additionally, the journalist claimed that Princess Diana had even visited his wife Deborah at St George’s hospital in Tooting, south London. She showed up to express her regards and well wishes after Deborah gave birth to their third child named Eliza.

In his interview with the Sunday Times, Bashir for the first time apologised to the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, saying that he was “deeply sorry” for the defamation the talk with Princess Diana brought to the Royal Family. “Everything we did in terms of the interview was as she wanted, from when she wanted to alert the palace, to when it was broadcast, to its contents … My family and I loved her,” Bashir’s statement read, as carried by the newspaper. Furthermore, in his revelations, the journalist clarified that none of the ‘secretly recorded phone calls in the early 1990s, or the tapped emails had his participation. 

“I wasn’t the source in any of it,” the paper quoted his lines. Bashir continued that he could not be held responsible for many of the other things in Princess Diana’s life. He added remarks about Princess Diana Earl Spencer’s views saying that the former had to draw the line with respect to the interview and his sister’s death. The journalist said that he could not be held responsible for the difficult relationship between Princess Diana and the Royal Family. About the reports on forging the documents to obtain Diana’s interview, as alleged by Lord Dyson, Bashir said that he was “obviously” regretted it and that it was wrong. 

Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry, as per AP news agency, have repeatedly excoriated the BBC since the interview's broadcast as they argued that was a direct link between the 1995 interview and their mother’s death in a traffic accident. 

Used 'dishonest tactics'

According to several reports from then, the 58-year-old journalist was accused of using dishonest tactics and lies to get Diana’s interview, such as that she was under surveillance of the intelligence service. He also repeatedly deceived Diana’s brother Earl Spencer in an attempt to seek information about Diana’s marriage. Spencer cited clever tactics used by Bashir at a meeting in September 1995, attended by all three, to reach out to Diana. 

Bashir argued that the false and unsubstantiated information that he reported about the Royals like the Queen having heart disease and Prince Edward treated for AIDS was coming from Diana herself. Among the reports, claims were hurled that Diana's husband Prince Charles was in love with his kids' nanny, and Diana’s then 13-year-old son Prince William was given a watch by Charles with a spy device. All such stories were attributed to the journalist, but a confidential document, first accessed by The Telegraph reveals that Bashir denied reporting against the Royals, citing Diana as being “the source”. 

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