'Prince Andrew Knows What Happened And Is Making Ridiculous Excuses' Says Giuffre

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An American woman who was asked by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew dismissed the claims made by Prince Andrew and described "ridiculous excuses"

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'Prince Andrew knows what happened and is making Ridiculous Excuses' says Giuffre

The American woman who was asked by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew dismissed the claims made by Prince Andrew and described them as "ridiculous excuses". Giuffre's interview was recorded before Andrew's statements and was broadcasted on December 2.

Virginia Giuffre calls Andrews claims as "Ridiculous Excuses"

Virginia Giuffre in her interview with international media, criticized Prince Andrew for his false claims and asked the people of Britain to support her. Initially, also, she brushed off all the accusations made by the Prince backers who claimed the photograph of Andrew with his arms around her might be morphed. She backed her statement saying that the supporters of Prince Andrew in office will keep coming up with ‘ridiculous excuses’ for example the picture was edited with his elongated arm. She further said that Prince Andrew is well aware of his doings, however, he is still trying to deceive the people with his false accusations.

Giuffre said that the photograph was real evidence and she has handled it over to the FBI. On the other hand, Andrew during his BBC interview said that there is no proof that the photograph is authentic. 

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Prince Andrew has been criticized over his links to multimillionaire Epstein. The US financier has been accused by Virginia Roberts Giuffre as she alleged that she was forced into sexual encounters with the Prince while underage. Back in 2015, Giuffre reportedly alleged that Epstein forced her to perform sexual acts with several prominent men, including Prince Andrew in 2001. However, the Prince told the interviewer that he had no recollection of ever meeting Giuffre and has denied all the allegations. Epstein died by apparent suicide back in August while awaiting trial on federal charges that he sexually abused underaged girls and ran a sex trafficking ring.

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After being criticized for his recent interview, Prince Andrew announced his decision to step down "for the foreseeable future." The statement was released on November 20, after the ravaging interview of Prince Andrew pertaining to his relationship with the sex convict Jeffery Epstein. 

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