Top Issue For Snap UK General Elections: Brexit Or National Health Service?

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With the snap elections just around the corner, the state-run National Health Service has emerged as the top competitor of Brexit for this year's election.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had requested for a general election in order to end the parliamentary deadlock on Britain's divorce from the 27-nation bloc. However, with the snap elections just around the corner, the state-run National Health Service (NHS) has emerged as the top competitor of Brexit for this year's elections. Johnson's Conservatives believe in increasing investment in public services along with delivering Brexit to people 'as promised'. 

On the other hand, the largest opposition, the Labour Party wants to negotiate a better deal on the much-awaited divorce while deploying more officials for the NHS. Many British citizens are taking the shortcomings of public services in consideration while not paying heed to Johnson's main agenda for calling out a 'brand new' parliament. 

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NHS: Crucial issue in elections

NHS in Britain provides free treatment for all by the money allocated through taxes. The policy reportedly has been criticised and equally defended. Mark Dayan, a policy analyst at the Nuffield Trust health think-tank told an international agency that there is a 'national feeling of protectiveness towards NHS and has also created 'anxiety' because it's performance has degraded in the recent days. However, both leading candidates, Johnson and Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn are promising big NHS boost if they get elected on December 12. 

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Corbyn had time and again brought up the issue and had recently 'revealed' the evidence to support his accusation that Johnson discussed NHS in the US-UK trade talks. He also believes that Britain's health services shall be protected from Trump as well as private healthcare companies of America. In fact, hours before actually handing over the 'evidence', Corbyn had announced on Twitter that at 10 am (local time) he would make a major announcement, which now disclosed were the 'proof' of PM Johnson discussing NHS with the US.

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Edits footage to push Brexit

Johnson's Conservative Party has been reportedly using edited clips from international media's reporters and presenters saying sentences like 'pointless delay to Brexit' and 'another Brexit delay' to advertise the main agenda of the snap British elections. The Conservatives have edited the 15-second clip and pushing it as Facebook advertisement showing the media outlet's political editor along with other British media presenters. 

The clip has already been seen by nearly 100,000 users. On November 28, the press team of media outlet said that they are aware of the Conservative tactic and called it 'completely unacceptable use' of their content. Furthermore, they are currently asking the party members to remove the video. However, reportedly, a Conservative spokesperson said that they have not edited the video in a way that changes the meaning. 

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