UK Based Company Introduces 'Hangover Day' Policy For Their Employees

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A digital marketing company, The Audit lab, based in Bolton, UK, is letting their employees work from home if they are feeling 'hungover' after partying.

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A digital marketing company, The Audit lab, based in Bolton, UK, is letting their employees work from home if they are feeling 'hungover' after partying too hard. While speaking to an international media outlet, Claire Crompton, director and co-founder of the company said that her employees can book a hangover day well in advance if they know they've got a big night out in future. She further said that the company wanted to offer something to younger millennials who usually go out mid-week and do the pub quiz. With this offer the company also wanted to attract talent away from major cities. 

One of the company employees, Ellie Entwhistle,19, told a media outlet that a lot of her friends are still at university and one night when she went out drinking with her friends she got back a bit late. The next morning she said that she had to call her boss, Crompton who let her work at her home. Entwhistle further confirmed that non-drinkers are also eligible for hangover days.

She said that the new policy is for anyone who's had a late night. Crompton and  Entwhistle also agreed that the system in their workplace hadn't been abused. Secretary-General of the International Chambers of Commerce, Chris Southworth, told an international media outlet that the point of this system is the importance of trust within the business to promote a positive, healthy place to work, and how that has a positive impact on people's well being.

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Non-smokers to get 6 extra days for vacation

While the UK company is giving 'hangover day', a Tokyo-based marketing company called Piala Inc is offring its non-smoking employees six extra vacation days. This company is giving its non-smoking employees an extra six days off in order to make up for smoker's cigarette breaks. The company decided to apply the policy after an employee complained that smoking breaks were harming the productivity of the company. 

While talking to local media, a spokesperson of Piala Inc said that the CEO got to know of the resentment when a non-smoker put a message in the company suggestion box that the numerous smoking breaks were harming company productivity. In compensation, the CEO agreed to allot six extra days of holidays to non-smokers. Asuka also said that he wishes to use this method to encourage its employees to quit smoking and do this through incentives and not through penalties and coercion. 

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