Bride Gets French Manicure With Her Father's ashes Enchased With Gems

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A British bride incorporated her acrylic nails with the ashes of her father who died four months before her wedding, in a French ombre manicure with the ashes.

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London: A British bride, incorporated her acrylic nails with the ashes of her father who died four months before her wedding. According to a report by a global media agency, Charlotte Watson and her husband Nick brought their wedding date forward when Mick Barber's cancer had spread. However, Charlotte was extremely disheartened when her father suddenly died just a few days before the marriage. Charlotte's cousin Kirsty Meakin, who works as a nail artist, had the idea to use his ashes in her design.    

Bride gets French manicure with her father's ashes enchased with gems


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The idea was to keep the memories of her father close to her on a special day. Charlotte explained how she could feel the presence of her father around her at the wedding. Kirsty Meakin, who is a famous YouTuber with more than a million subscribers, informed the viewers that the ashes were in a little glass pot and that they had looked through them and picked the pieces they thought would work for the nails.  

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Other ways she remembered her father at the wedding 

  Kristy created a French ombre manicure with the ashes enchased at the tips of the extensions, finished with shiny gems. She also added that she wanted the ashes to be "suspended in clear acrylic" on Charlotte's nails. As soon as the nails were done, Charlotte said she that she couldn't believe the finished result, which was pink, grey and white design finished off with gems. The nails were designed keeping the occasion in mind, beautifully merged with her father’s ashes.  

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Besides the nails, her father was remembered in many other ways, including in pictures on the back of her shoes, in a pendant attached to her flowers at the wedding, an entire teddy made from one of his jumpers and a pair of jeans. Charlotte said that she finally got her wish, which was to hold her father's hand as she walks down the aisle, it felt exactly the same way, she explained.  She also added that the reaction we got was incredible, not just from family and friends but from thousands of people who watched the video and shared it.

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