UK Man Buys Stolen Bike To Return It To The Owner; Netizens Hail The 'Good Samaritan'

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UK's Ste Burke purchased a stolen bike in the UK from the dealers for £80 which originally cost over £1300 to return it to its rightful owner

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A 26-year-old man, Ste Burke purchased a stolen bike in the UK from the dealers for £80 which originally cost over £1300 and returned it to its rightful owner. He is reportedly making headlines for this righteous and compassionate act and is also receiving lot of praises on social media.

He was approached by three men

Ste Burke told the media that he was approached by three men who wanted to sell a bike that he noticed had a lock on it. He said that he immediately realized that the bike was stolen as the back wheel was secured in a lock. The 26-yaer old added that he had just reached home from the gym and taking his gym bag out from the car trunk when the men with the bike apporoached him.

He said that he had instantly suspected the theft as the price quoted by the robbers to him was relatively low and he knew that the bike was worth much more. Ste added that he decided to buy the bike and hand it over to the owner, which he thought, would be someone residing in the nearby area as evident from the lock.

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The search for the owner

The 26-year old put up a post on Twitter with a picture of the bike, enquiring about its owner. He wrote that the bike is from the Crosby area and he knew that it was very expensive and he, for one, would be heartbroken having to lose it.

Ste had many reactions to his generous post and people couldn’t appreciate his actions enough. He was also commended by the rapper Stormzy for his generous act. A woman reportedly contacted Ste on social media saying that she was an acquaintance of  the owner of the bike, Ste was put in line with the owner.

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