UK: Painter Writes Angry Message On Building After Not Getting Paid

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In UK, a disgruntled painter painted an angry message on the side of the house after the customer decided not to pay him the full fee and asked for more work.

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A disgruntled painter who was not paid his full due decided to take revenge on his employer by painting a huge message on the side of the house to teach his client a lesson. The painted and decorator Dean Reeves reportedly told local media that his customer still owed him 500 pounds.

Demanding additional work

According to Reeves, Terry Taylor, the customer, had paid him over half his fee when the work was completed but wanted some additional work is done which was not agreed on before. The customer refused to pay the Reeve's remaining fee until he agreed to do the additional work.

Reeves claims that Taylor told him that he would not be receiving the rest of his payment until he has the house another coat. Rather than doing the extra work, Reeves decided to get creative and get back at Terry. Reeves painted the side of the house with a message which he believed would surely make Taylor pay him his remaining dues. Reeves wrote 'Want your house painting? Don't be like Terry, pay the bill! Now you will!' on the side of Taylor's house in huge black letters.

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Reeves while talking to local media said that he had told Taylor how much the job would cost him and Taylor had promised him the money right away but then Terry tried to change the job halfway. Taylor who was supposed to have taken off all the signs and guttering had not done so which means that Reeves had to take all of them down himself and work of a ladder instead of scaffolding.

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Taylor kept asking Reeves to do extra jobs and kept promising him the money tomorrow but the tomorrow never came. On January 14 Taylor asked Reeves to do another job that was not agreed upon.

Taylor's side of the story

Taylor who has provided his side of the story claimed that whatever Reeves said is not true and that he was never asked to go extra work and that all the work that Reeves mentioned is just normal work that needed to be done and agreed upon. Taylor claims that Reeves suddenly demanded all the money upfront without finishing the work and blackmailed him. Taylor said that he had called the police and complained about graffiti on the building.

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