UK Ready For No-deal Brexit With ‘full Armoury Of Economic Policy'

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British finance minister Sajid Javid said that the government is committed to no-deal Brexit even if it requires drawing on a ‘full armoury of economic policy'.

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British Finance Minister Sajid Javid said on September 30 that the ruling government is committed to no-deal Brexit even if it requires drawing on a ‘full armoury of economic policy’. Sajid Javid, at the annual conference of the Conservative party, assured of a comprehensive economic response to support the economy. “Working closely with the Bank of England we’re ready to draw on the full armoury of economic policy if needed,” said Javid. “And the Bank has already revised its assessments because of the actions we’ve taken,” he added.

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‘No-deal Brexit a responsible thing to do’

Addressing the annual conference in Manchester, the Chancellor of Exchequer said that they will be remembered for how they respond to an unprecedented situation. He also called the no-deal Brexit as a responsible thing to do and also the best way of leaving with a deal. “We are leaving the European Union. It’s not a matter of if - it’s a matter of days.31 days - deal, or no deal,” he said.

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Acknowledges, challenges and uncertainty

Javid acknowledged the challenges of a no-deal Brexit, especially the uncertainty around it. “I know that some businesses and households are concerned about what a No Deal outcome might mean for them. I recognise that,” said Javid. “And I understand that the uncertainty around Brexit is challenging. But our step-change in preparations has made a Deal outcome more likely and a No Deal outcome more manageable,” he added. Though the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticised for suspending the Parliament for five weeks which was later held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, Javid said that the party will respond ‘responsibly, firmly and democratically’. “Brexit is not just something to manage or mitigate. We understand this is ultimately a question of trust in democracy,” he said. 

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Slams opposition parties

Javid criticised the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calling him ‘a man for the many Brexit positions'. “They’re so split down the middle that even their leader and their Shadow Chancellor don’t agree on whether they support Brexit,” said Javid. Javid slammed the Liberal Democrats for being confused on Brexit. “Then said they’d respect the result. Then sort of didn’t. Then called for a second vote. Then changed their mind again and now want to somehow pretend the whole thing never happened,” said Javid. “Going back on our promises to the British people isn’t ‘liberal’. And it certainly isn’t democratic.”

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