UK Woman Says Her Two German Shepherd Dogs Detected Her Cancer

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UK woman said that while she was seated in the couch, her dog Bea started to intensely sniff around her chest area and started jumping in a worry.

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UK woman

Linda Munkley, a 65-year-old woman from Wales, UK, has reportedly claimed that she owes her life to her German Shepherd pet dogs who sniffed out her cancer. The woman claimed that the two dogs started behaving unusual around her, routinely indicating towards her cancer lumps that alerted Linda that something was not right, and she needed to see a doctor, suggest reports.

Linda has four German shepherd dogs

Linda told the media that she has four German shepherd dogs, including five-year-old Bea and her three-year-old daughter Enya. She said that on her usual day at home, while she was seated in the couch, the dog Bea started to intensely sniff around her chest area and started jumping in a worry.

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Dog sniffed and jumped agitated

Linda added that her dog had never done anything like this before, so it was quite unusual for her to understand. Nevertheless, she said, the behaviour continued for months. According to the reports, two months later, the doctors analysed the lumps in Linda’s body by carrying out a mammogram, and then confirmed a fast-growing form of breast cancer that had started spreading to her lymph nodes.

After treatment, dogs stopped the behaviour

After the evaluation, Linda told the media, the two dogs started leaping onto her lap at all times. She has reportedly undergone treatment to cast off her most cancers, and with that, her pets stopped their behaviour after her third chemotherapy session. She said that the dogs' behaviour normalized as her cancer started to shrink.

The owner reportedly said that the doctor was amazed to know about the dog’s sniffing activity and asked her to thank them for saving her life. She added that words couldn’t describe how indebted she was to her canines. According to the reports, canines can sniff out positive diseases, along with most cancer, they can detect these diseases due to their strong sense of odour.

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