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UK: Indian Origin Tarun Gulati, Shyam Batra In Race For London Mayor

The Mayor of London election is set for May 2 and the pool of candidates is steadily growing featuring two independent candidates of Indian origin.

Reported by: Manasvi Asthana
Indian-origin entrepreneurs to contest Mayor of London election | Image:X

The Mayor of London election is set for May 2 and the pool of candidates contesting against the current officeholder Sadiq Khan is steadily growing featuring two independent candidates of Indian origin. Businessman Tarun Ghulati, aged 63, initiated his mayoral campaign during a visit to India in the latter part of the previous year. On the other hand, property entrepreneur Shyam Batra, aged 62, is the most recent contender among approximately a dozen candidates. Gulati's election slogan is "Trust and Development," while Batra has opted for "Ambassador of Hope."

Candidate Tarun Gulati

“There is a growing perception that the incumbent leader has lost support and voters consider another major party contender very indifferent,” Gulati told PTI.

“I am standing as an independent candidate to become the next Mayor of London because I want to encourage the free flow of ideas and policies without party ideology and bias. I am taking views from people and will accordingly work to involve people wherever possible in the decision making process," he added.


London's top priorities, including making the city safer for all, getting London moving again raising standards for Londoners, strengthening London's communities and championing London are being worked on by the Delhi-born strategic advisor. Over 20 years have been spent working on these priorities and it has been called home for more than two decades, Gulati expressed.

When questioned about his choice to kick off his mayoral campaign in India, he responded, "India is my birthplace, where I was born and London is my workplace, where I do my work. It was very important for me to get the blessings of elders, parents, family and well-wishers. So I decided to start my campaign for Mayor of London in India."


Gulati, whose father previously held a position as a secretary in the Government of India, shares certain similarities with other Indian-origin candidates in the race, whose fathers also served in the Government of India.

Candidate Shayam Batra

“I am very upset with the current condition of the city. It saddens me to see residents being taken advantage of and harassed by a dysfunctional policy system. I am fully committed to dedicate my energy and passion to this cause," said Britain-born Batra.

As the founder of a "private special finance business" focused on facilitating affordable property ownership and offering cost-effective business solutions, the British Indian property businessman believes he must surmount challenges to assume leadership in managing the UK capital while upholding a positive reputation.


“I understand that the road ahead will be challenging, the days and nights will be filled with great obstacles. It is precisely these difficulties that we must overcome to reclaim and restore our city to its rightful place,” he said.

Official nomination for the Mayor of London

Official nominations for the Mayor of London candidacy are scheduled for March, during which candidates must demonstrate their anticipated support base through signatures and submissions. The final list of candidates will be disclosed on April 2, one month prior to the elections.

Other candidates

In addition to the two British Indian candidates, those who have publicly declared their intention to challenge Sadiq Khan from the Labour Party for a third four-year term include Susan Hall (Conservative Party), Rob Blaikie (Liberal Democrat), Howard Cox (Reform UK), Zoe Garbett (Green Party), Natalie Campbell (Independent), Amy Gallagher (Independent), Rehan Haq (Independent), and Andreas Micheli (Independent).



Published January 13th, 2024 at 17:13 IST