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Kate 'will be thrilled' with Homemade Posters from Well-Wishers, says Queen Camilla

The heartwarming moment unfolded at a farmers' market where Queen Camilla stopped to interact with attendees.

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Princess of Wales Kate Middleton | Image:AP

During a visit to Shrewsbury, Queen Camilla expressed gratitude to well-wishers for their support towards Princess Catherine, revealing that the Princess of Wales would be "thrilled" by the homemade posters she received. According to a report from BBC News, the heartwarming moment unfolded at a farmers' market where Queen Camilla stopped to interact with attendees. Two young girls, 10-year-old Harriet Waterson and her six-year-old sister Lois, presented the Queen with posters adorned with stars and hearts, symbolizing their affection for Princess Catherine.

In a touching exchange, Harriet apologized for the slight creases in the posters, to which Queen Camilla responded with reassurance, crouching down to engage with the girls and promising to deliver the messages to the princess with care. Lucy Waterson, the girls' mother, expressed surprise and gratitude, stating that they hadn't expected the Queen to see the posters and were touched by her response.


Here is what you need to know

The visit to Shrewsbury marked Queen Camilla's first royal engagement with the public since Princess Catherine's cancer diagnosis was made public. The princess revealed on Friday that she is undergoing treatment after a diagnosis, describing it as a "huge shock" but expressing optimism about her recovery.


While details of the cancer diagnosis have not been disclosed, Kensington Palace has affirmed confidence in the princess's full recovery. Princess Catherine underwent major abdominal surgery in January, with subsequent tests revealing the presence of cancer, leading to a recommended course of preventative chemotherapy.

In a poignant video statement, Princess Catherine shared the challenges of explaining her health condition to her children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, emphasizing the importance of managing the situation privately for the sake of their young family.


King Charles has praised Kate for her courage 

King Charles, informed of Princess Catherine's health prior to the public announcement, expressed pride in her courage to address the situation openly. Meanwhile, Queen Camilla has been actively fulfilling royal duties in recent weeks, taking on additional responsibilities as King Charles temporarily reduces his public engagements while undergoing cancer treatment.


During her visit to Shrewsbury, Queen Camilla toured the farmers' market, engaging with vendors and accepting tokens of appreciation, including a bottle of Shrewsbury gin, while continuing to convey messages of support for Princess Catherine and her ongoing treatment journey.


Published March 27th, 2024 at 21:10 IST