Updated April 13th, 2024 at 00:31 IST

Man Purchased Country For Rs 50,000 Online, Now Sells Passport For Travellers

The man had purchased the country in 2005 for dollar 610 located in the Utah Desert of United States, and named it 'Zaqistan'.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
Zaqistan | Image:Zaqistan Website

Zaqistan: Have you ever heard about the sale and purchase of a country on an online shopping website? The answer would mostly be no. But, surprisingly, a man in America now owns a country after he reportedly purchased it for just Rs 50,000 on an online website. The man identified as Zack Landesburg has named his country as ‘Zaqistan’.

Not only this, the people, who are eager to travel to this country, which lies in the deserted area of America, now require a passport to enter into the country.


New York resident had purchased the country in 2005

Reports suggest that Zack Landesburg, a resident of New York, United States had purchased the country online for Dollar 610 in the year 2005. Apparently, the man had initially purchased a 2 acre land about 19 years ago, in the Utah Desert, which is located in the Colorado Plateau region of the United States.


The desert is known for its arid climate and striking landscapes, including the Great Salt Lake and the Delicate Arch and one needs a passport to visit the area.

It is being said that after purchasing the land, Zack thought of making it his own country. He declared the area as his country after naming it as Zaqistan. Following the declaration, Zack Landesburg created his own website and started selling passports for Dollar 40, for those willing to visit his country. 


On the official website of Zaqistan, it has been mentioned that Zaqistan is small, remote and bound on all sides by the United States and it is not possible to travel to the country without going through the United States.



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