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Barack Obama Catches YouTubers Twins Off Guard As He Pops Up On Show 'out Of Nowhere'

Barack Obama caught the duo listening to a Bob Dylan’s soundtrack from his A Promised Land playlist and thought that he could surprise the Williams twins.

Barack Obama

The former US President Barack Obama on November 20 caught the popular YouTuber twins Tim and Fred Williams off guard after he decided to appear on their show “out of nowhere”. Obama caught the duo listening to a Bob Dylan’s soundtrack from his A Promised Land playlist and thought that he could surprise the Williams twins with a discussion about old mixtapes and other subjects LIVE on their channel “TwinsthenewTrend.”

In a footage posted by the twins on their Twitter handle, they were seen reacting to a track named The Times They Are a-Changin by Bob Dylan, which was shared by the former US President on Twitter a few days ago. Obama had asserted that music had played a vital role during his presidency, as he shared a playlist titled “Memorable songs from my administration” in honour of his book The Promised Land hitting the shelves. 

Joining the 22-year-old YouTube stars virtually on Zoom, Obama caught the twins surprised as he prompted “Hey people! What's going on?” as he appeared on their laptop. "I hear you guys were asking questions. I decided I'm just gonna go ahead and come here live,” he added, excitedly as the Williams YouTubers were recording the show video for December 16. The chat video between the former president and the Williams YouTubers amassed millions of views and dozens of reactions as Obama discussed he cultivated the playlist and significance of the artist Bob Dylan in his life and role of music. “I do playlists all the time just for fun, and I did that when I was president. But one of the things I did was do a playlist because I released my book about the first part of my presidency called A Promised Land and music’s kind of a theme in the book,” Obama said. 

In the chat, Fred enquired the reason Obama included  Bob Dylan’s soundtrack in the playlist, to which the former President replied that he had been a longstanding fan of the singer. He jokingly added that it could be partly because he was elderly. “He was part of that kind of social conscience that was in rock music and then later in hip hop music,” Obama explained, adding, "I'm like everybody else; I like music about girls and cars, but whenever you can find some musicians that really have a message about how America might be.”

Further, the former President said that his expectations to change the world for the better is “something that I pay attention to” and Dylan was “one of the greatest examples of it.” The former POTUS revealed that he made mixtapes in his teenage days. “I made mixtapes and mixtapes were hard back then, You guys have it easy,” he laughed. 

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Country is 'so divided'

Besides helping the twins understand the music, Obama also discussed his new memoir A Promised Land. “One of the most important things we can do as people, especially as young people, is opening our minds to how other people feel, their traditions, and finding common cause with folks,” he said. “The country is so divided right now,” he added. Further, Obama appreciated the twins for their work, saying, What you guys are doing, which is being open to new ideas, new experiences and reaching out to different traditions, that's America at its best.” He concluded with, “you guys sending that message is powerful, so keep on doing what you're doing."

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