Donald Trump Assures People 'money Will Soon Be Coming' Amid 'Chinese Virus' Scare

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Donald Trump has assured Americans who are still out of their homes that “money will be coming” to them and added that "Chinese Virus" is not their fault.

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Donald Trump

As the deadly coronavirus continues to tighten its grip worldwide and has started impacting businesses to country’s GDP, United States President Donald Trump has assured Americans who are still out of their homes for work, that “money will be coming” to them. In a tweet on March 18, Trump not only repeated his claim of COVID-19 which originated in the Chinese province of Wuhan as the “Chinese Virus” but has also said that the pathogen’s onslaught is not the fault of his country’s citizens. 

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In a bid to stem the easily spread coronavirus, like governments of many other countries, the Trump administration has also introduced certain precautionary measures such as shutting of schools, colleges, hotels, and bars. However, the US President has said that he will “protect” the medical security of people and has also declared that he would share “very important” news about the COVID-19 or “Chinese Virus” in a conference later today which he has received from the FDA. 

Trump has recently started using China’s reference while talking about the pandemic and has also defended his claims as “accurate”. According to the US President, since the virus was first discovered in the mainland, his statements are correct and has also repeatedly accused the Chinese authorities of running a misinformation campaign for blaming the US military for spreading the virus.

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$850 billion stimulus package

Trump’s monetary assurance came a day after media reports stated that the White House is currently seeking a massive $850 billion emergency stimulus package to contain the monetary damage of the pandemic. The reports stated on March 17 that these measures are expected to include a payroll tax cut and $50 billion in aid to the troubled American airlines that have been hit hard by the unprecedented drastic spread of the fatal COVID-19. 

Officials familiar with the matter were cited by an international news outlet that the package will also have $110 billion in spending directed at paid sick leave and expanded unemployment benefits that are already moving through the House of Representatives. The stimulus package further surpasses the $700 billion emergency program which is known as TARP to save the banking system during the 2008 global financial crisis. 

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