Donald Trump Goes On Twitter Spree, Posts 32 Tweets In 20 Minutes

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President of the United States, Donald Trump went on a Twitter spree on October 11 with 32 tweets or retweets on various topics in the span of just 20 minutes

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Donald Trump

The President of the United States, Donald Trump went on a Twitter spree on October 11 with 32 tweets or retweets in the span of just 20 minutes. President Trump has often used Twitter as his source of explanation, justification, or simply putting out information for the world to read and especially his critics. However, on Friday, the US leader started tweeting at 8:58 pm when he addressed the “vicious killer” responsible for marathon bombing in Boston, followed by many tweets about his “mega” campaign in Minnesota and his last tweet at 9:17 pm was about “great news” for American patients. 

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President's Twitter Storm

Soon after the rising criticism over the decision of retracting it's nearly a thousand US troops from northeastern Syria as Turkey was about to begin its military operation. Most US leaders, along with officials have criticized the US President of his decisions of leaving its ally at its time of need. However, Donald Trump got on Twitter to justify his decision to retract the American troops from the area to refrain from the wars. Donald Trump also said that going in the Middle East and being involved in the prolonged war has been the “worst decision ever” because it cost millions of money. Turkey's military operation combined with the ongoing official impeachment inquiry along with his presidential campaign has been seen as enough reasons for the US leader to use Twitter to clarify his side of things. 

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While the Democrats have raised concerns over President Trump's conversations with the Ukrainian  President, Donald Trump has denied everything saying it is just a “hoax” similar to the Mueller investigation back in 2016. After quoting a right-wing pastor who said that impeachment of the President from the office might cause a “war-like fracture” in the nation, he recently took on twitter to question why is he being impeached. After creating the greatest Economy in the history of the US along with building a strong military. 

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Impeachment inquiry launched

Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched an official impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump on September 25. The House of Commons will now look to actions that according to Pelosi have violated the Constitution. Fundamentally, impeachment is just the first stage of the process divided into two parts in the Constitution to prosecute and remove a President or any other federal official from the office. The House of Representatives has the power to impeach any official who commits a crime like bribery, treason, or other misdemeanours from the office. However, the final decision still remains with the Senate to remove the President or any other official after holding a trial. More importantly, impeachment is not a legal trial, but a political trial. 

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