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Donald Trump: Over 1 Million Americans Tested For Coronavirus

Speaking from White House’s Rose Garden, Donald Trump said it was milestone for the US in its battle against the coronavirus to have conducted those many tests.

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US President Donald Trump reportedly announced on March 30 that the United States has tested over 1 million people for the COVID-19 disease, as Trump showed the new rapid test kit, launched earlier, that gives results for the coronavirus within five minutes. He told the press conference while speaking from the White House’s Rose Garden, that it was the milestone for America in its battle against the coronavirus to have conducted those many tests.

According to US media reports, Health and Human Services Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services [HHS], Alex Azar confirmed as well that the US attained significantly higher figures in terms of tests, adding that it was a “number no country has reached”. He stressed that the US was now testing roughly over 100,000 samples per day. Trump’s Abbott Laboratories testing kits announcement comes when, only recently, the company was given emergency clearance for production by the US Food and Drug Administration. It claimed that the cartridge-based kit detected negative cases in less than 13 minutes. 

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Ford to manufacture ventilators

Stephen M Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, was also quoted saying that the test was conveniently done in a few minutes just like a test for flu. The platform which was designed to conduct these tests weighed less than 7 pounds and were easier to install at hospitals where tests were done in bulk, he added. 

Additionally, during the news conference, Trump also announced that the US automaker Ford was re-constructing an auto parts factory in the west of Detroit to begin the manufacture of ventilators, as he had proposed. He claimed that Ford is expected to deliver over 50,000 ventilators ready by April 20. The automaker’s plant in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, might be able to produce over 30,000 ventilators every month, said Trump. He further added saying that GE Healthcare was working in collaboration with Ford to enhance the numbers. 

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