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Jeffrey Epstein's Case: US Federal Judge's Son Shot Dead, Husband Critically Injured

Son of US Federal Judge Esther Salas was killed and her husband is reportedly in a critical condition after they were both shot at their home in New Jersey

Jeffrey Epstein case: Federal judge's son killed after disguised men attack her house

The son of a US District Judge Esther Salas was killed and her husband is reportedly in a critical condition after they were both shot at their home in North Brunswick, New Jersey in the evening of July 19. The incident happened just four days after Salas, who was nominated by former President Barack Obama in 2011, was assigned a case related to Jeffery Epstein.

Salas was in basement

According to international media reports, a man dressed as a FedX driver opened fire at Salas' husband Mark, immediately after he answered the door. Following which, their son Daniel came running to the door and was also shot at. International media reported that Salas was supposedly in the basement when the gruesome incident happened. Speaking about the incident, the state’s governor Gov. Phil Murphy said that the shooting was a reminder that gun violence was still a crisis and "that our work to make every community safer isn’t done." 

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Salas, who is a judge at US District Court in Newark had previously presided over many high profile cases including that of actress Teresa Giudice. More recently, she was appointed to preside over a lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors. Earlier this month, New York state financial regulators revealed that Deutsche Bank had agreed to a $150 million penalty related to the bank’s alleged oversight in dealing with accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, as well as two client banks- Danske Bank Estonia and FBME Bank. The regulators said that the German bank failed to monitor account activity conducted on behalf of the registered sex offender.

Last month, Epstein's ally Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on federal charges that she recruited girls as young as 14 for him to abuse. Meanwhile, the financial regulator said that because of Deutsche bank’s oversight failure with Epstein, the “bank processed hundreds of transactions totalling millions of dollars that, at the very least, should have prompted additional scrutiny in light of Mr Epstein’s history.”

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