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'Hot Mess': Rudy Giuliani's Hair Dye Drips Down While Claiming 'voter Fraud', Watch Video

Many were quick to make jokes about how hot the mic was and “Trump's lawyer hadn’t properly refrigerated” as the 76-year-old was caught sweating profusely.


On November 19, US President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani caught limelight after he appeared to sweat the brown coloured hair dye during a press conference which was streamed LIVE on US TV stations. Giuliani was giving an update about Trump’s election bids, which he alleged were plagued by errors and rejected by the courts. Interestingly, what caught the viewers’ attention was Giuliani’s tone as if he was falling apart which was followed by the trickling of his hair dye from the side of his head. While the former New York City’s mayor seemed oblivious about it, many stations including  CNN and MSNBC halted the appalling telecast, but many networks, in all spirits, continued. 

In the video footage that is now making rounds on the internet, Trump’s lawyer is seen on the verge of a breakdown as his hair dye seems to have melted. Shared by many, including a user named Richard Littler, the stills from the conference attracted tons of jokes and memes as the dye rolled down Giuliani’s face but he refused to deviate from his objective as he continued his speech. Many were quick to make jokes about how hot the mic was and “Trump's lawyer hadn’t properly refrigerated” as the 76-year-old was caught sweating profusely in presumably the packed RNC headquarters. Meanwhile, the live-streamed video shared by Team Trump caused a fresh round of stir as two murmurs can be heard pointing out at Trump’s lawyer brown dye oozing out of his hair, assuming, the persons were unaware about the audio being recorded on the official streaming. 

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Internet cracks jokes, memes

Internet compared Rudy Giuliani with the Hollywood comedy Borat’s ‘total landscaping”, as a user said that humanity was witnessing “a master class in 2020 embarrassing moment.” Another compared Giuliani with the Horror flick Texas Chainsaw 3D’s character. “Someone pull Giuliani off the air this is ridiculous,” another pointed out. “Rudy Giuliani is one of those early Terminators they mention in the movie that were easy to identify because their skin was rubbery and their hair melted and they married their cousins,” joked one other. Commenters poured hilarious responses in the comments, saying, he was indeed having a “literal meltdown”.

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