'Howdy, Modi': PM Modi Recites Poem On Facing Challenges - A Must-hear

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Howdy Modi: Prime Minister Modi on Sunday recited two lines from the poem he had written a few days back to reflect India's determination to face challenges

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Howdy Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday recited two lines from the poem he had written a few days back to reflect India's determination to face challenges. PM Modi, who addressed a large gathering of Indian-American community at the NRG Stadium, Houston in the presence of US President Donald Trump, read the lines soon after he had made a veiled attack at Pakistan over its support to cross-border terrorism. He also asked the audience to give a standing ovation to US President Donald Trump's resolve to combat terrorism.

Prime Minister Modi's poem

PM Modi said a lot was changing in India and the country was ready to face challenges. He said he had written a poem a few days back and he was reciting a couplet from it.

"Woh jo mushkilon ka ambaar hai, vahi to mere hosle ki minar hai (This accumulation of difficulties, that is the inspiration for my courage), Modi recited.

The Prime Minister said India was no longer satisfied with incremental change. "It is making things possible which were considered impossible," he said.

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PM answers 'Howdy, Modi' 

The buzz of ‘Howdy, Modi’ has been intense all across India and USA as Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Houston for the grand event on Sunday. PM Modi finally addressed the question during his speech at the very event. PM Modi said that he was nobody on his own, while answering the question ‘Howdy, Modi?’ and added that everything was good in India, repeating the statement in various Indian languages.   

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"Dear Friends, this programme is named ‘Howdy, Modi’. However, Modi on his own is no one. I am just an ordinary man who is working on the instructions of 130 crore Indians. That’s why when you asked “Howdy, Modi', my mind says 'In India, everything is good,'" PM Modi said. He also repeated it in many of the Indian languages. "Our American friends might be surprised what did I say, President Trump and my American friends, I have only said that everything is fine. But in our various languages, which are an identity of our liberal democracy,” PM Modi added. 

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