In Alarming Experiment, Biscuits 'bake' Inside A Locked Car Under A Bright Sun

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The National Weather Service in Nebraska resorted to an unique method to demonstrate the unbearable heat wave being faced by the fellow citizens. 

Written By Richa Mukherjee | Mumbai | Updated On:

The National Weather Service in Nebraska in the US resorted to a unique method to demonstrate the unbearable heat wave being faced by citizens. 

In an experiment never heard before, they tried to bake biscuits by using nothing but a car and the sun as the catalyst. In a series of tweets on July 18,  the National Weather Service in Omaha and Valley posted updates on the biscuit experiment conducted over the course of eight hours.

The experiment was conducted following the 'excessive heat' warning that had been issued for much of eastern Nebraska through 7 p.m. on Saturday by the National Weather Service. The temperature in Omaha on Thursday was 92 degrees with a heat index of 103.

Sharing a picture of a tray of biscuits left for baking on the dashboard of a car, the first tweet read,

This was followed by a series of tweets whereby the progress of the baking process was updated,

After a few hours passed by, they shared another update on Twitter claiming that the temperature of the back seat had reached almost 62 degrees Celsius while the biscuits,  continued to bake even acquiring a golden tinge.

Afters 8 hours of observation, the NWS finally declared the experiment a success while also warning citizens to not leave their children locked inside the cars which had led to many such deaths in the past.

Claiming that the biscuits were edible, they even took to Tweeter to share pictures of the biscuits being eaten.

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