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Man Makes Flip-flop Business Out Of 'Trump's Contradictory Tweets'; Sells 1000 In Less Than A Month

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

If there's one person who can passably embody the cliche saying 'love him, hate him but you can't ignore him', it has to be the President of United States, Donald Trump. Leveraging on this very identity, Sam Morrison an artist and photographer based in Los Angeles has opened his own flip-flop business that is designed around the theme of Trump's contradictory tweets.

 Turns out, the sliders business was a roaring success, as the artist managed to sell 1,000 of his flip flops in less than a month. 

Morrison, who is inclined towards producing thought-provoking art, in the past, has made silk-screen shirts and decks of cards with secret compartments inside. With the profit the artist made, he donated 10% of every purchase to the ACLU. 

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The artist produced three different designs, based on three sets of contradicting Trump tweets.

The edition was in the theme of Syria, where Trump tweeted to the former President Barack Obama to not launch an attack on Syria back in 2013, three years later in April 2017, Trump himself attacked the country. 

Next theme was on electoral college, in which President Trump said that it was a "disaster for democracy" in 2012, with a complete contradiction in his opinion in 2016 after winning the Presidential elections, calling the place "actually genius" 

And finally, the last theme was based on the theme of 'sources'. The President of United States was convinced that President Obama's birth certificate was fraud based on "extremely credible sources" and chase to 2016, Donald Trump himself asked people to not believe "sources said", and urged that "if they don;t name the sources, the sources don't exist" 

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After some effortless digging in US President Trump's twitter, we found a few more contradictions that could be imbibed  into more flip-flops

Trump's stand on the LGBTQA+ community-