Message In A Bottle Discovered In A River 31 Years Later By The Writer's Granddaughter

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Texas man reunited with message in a bottle he wrote and dropped in a river. His granddaughter recognised his handwriting and returned it to him 31 years later.

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Message in a bottle

Hall, a Texas man from Nacogdoches, had written a message in a bottle and tossed it into a river in 1988 and was reunited with it after a hunter, Waylon Jones found it in Shelby County 31 years later. The finding took place at Toledo Bend where Jones said he was hunting when he found a glass bottle floating in the Sabine River. The bottle had a hand-written note on a paper plate. Jones took to Facebook and posted a photo of it, where it grabbed the attention of Hall's granddaughter, who identified his handwriting. Jones then made contact with the Hall family and hand-delivered the note to them on Monday, December 2.

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Hall was on a hunting trip in Panola County during Autumn of 1988 when he is supposed to have tossed the bottle into the river. He narrated that the phone number mentioned in the note was his mother's old number."Being that it's been so long, it was probably stuck under a log jam for 20 to 25 years," Hall told a local Texas news organization. "It's pretty unique for that to happen after 31 years," Hall said. "I probably wouldn't have ever thought of it again."The letter was written on November 27, 1988, near the Deadwood area. The letter said, “If you find this note, call me collect" and mentioned Hall’s mother’s old phone number. It also said, “Written on 11-27-88. Sent from Carthage, Texas.” 

Hall recognized the letter by recollecting his mother’s phone number. Hall said, “A lot has changed since then. When I threw it in the river, I had one grandchild. Now I’ve got three grandkids and two great-grandkids.” Jones also made Hall an arrowhead from the glass of the bottle apart from getting the three-decade-old letter to him.

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