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NASA Astronauts 'celebrate America' From ISS On Biden-Harris Inauguration Day

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins and American crew members from Expedition 64 also celebrated Biden-Harris inauguration from International Space Station (ISS).


Following the historic inauguration of 46th US President Joe Biden and first woman vice president Kamala Harris, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins and American crew members from Expedition 64 also celebrated the occasion from International Space Station at least 200 miles away from Earth. In the message that was played during the ‘Celebrating America’ celebration, Rubins not only said that it was “truly an honour” to join America in the celebration but also said that the astronauts aboard ISS are collaborating with international partners to find new scientific breakthroughs. 

"We're up here working with our international partners to find new scientific breakthroughs from improved vaccines to safer drinking water to help people all over the world. Just as we're celebrating two decades of global cooperation and space, it's truly an honour for us to celebrate America today. As we unite for this historic inaugural tradition that spans more than two centuries," Rubins said.

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Biden Signs 15 Executive Orders On The First Day

Meanwhile, just after finishing the oath-taking ceremony and being inaugurated as the 46th US President, Joe Biden signed 15 executive orders, two directives in the immediate attempt to rewind the last four years of federal policies introduced by Donald Trump. As per reports, apart from Biden, only two US Presidents have signed executive actions on their very first day in the White House. However, the 46th US President showcased a sense of urgency on Day 1 as he had mentioned during the campaign rallies to revamp the government policies, plunging economy and a riven electorate.  

“There’s no time to start like today,” Biden said in his first comments to reporters as president.

From rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 to revoking the ‘Muslim travel ban’, Joe Biden’s blitz of executive actions went beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. He also rechecked the environmental record of the previous administration and retained the US as a member of the World Health Organization (WHO). Biden also called for a review of all the regulations and executive orders that are reportedly deemed damaging to the climate as well as public health, his aides had said.

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