New York: Man Dancing In Wheelchair At Afropunk Festival Goes Viral

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A video of a Brooklyn man, Jermaine Greaves, dancing in his wheelchair at New York's Afropunk Festival last month has gone viral on social media and internet

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New York

A video of a Brooklyn man, Jermaine Greaves, dancing in his wheelchair has gone viral on social media. The 27-year-old can be seen dancing in his wheelchair letting nothing stop him from enjoying at the Afropunk Festival in New York. The video has been viewed by millions of people. It was a magical moment when Greaves struggled to stand on his legs and began dancing. Greaves said he just wanted to have a dance battle and have fun. He added that he can go toe to toe with anyone, dance and stand up and can make a move too. He said he does not want to sit on his chair rather he seemed interested in dance.

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Dance battle occurred at Brookly Afropunk Festival

The dance battle occurred at Brooklyn’s popular Afropunk Festival last month. Greaves wanted to realize people that he can do anything and everything despite his disability. He said he can do different things and it gives confidence to other people who are also disabled like him a chance that they can also do it too. He said his purpose in life is to be a light for other people so they know that they can live their truth. Greaves suffers from cerebral palsy but doesn't let his disability stop him from doing what he really loves. He is pursuing theatre at community college.

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Greaves: My charity is looking forward to changing the community

He has also established a charity named 'Not like the other kids' to help inspire people who are differently-abled or disadvantaged. His principle is that people should be proud of themselves no matter whatever disabilities they have. His charity raises money for people overcoming obstacles. Greaves said his charity is looking forward to changing the community. He said the confidence in him was instilled by his family who have helped him not to feel different from others and wants to continue helping others feel the same. Greaves hopes that his video will bring enthusiasm and inspire others. His video has been viewed by more than 10 million times and shared rapidly on the internet.

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