Oklahoma Woman Gets Shot By A 7-moth-old Labrador, Victim Hospitalized

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Oklahoma resident Tina Springer got shot by a dog named Molly. The 7-month-old Labrador spooked and jumped onto a loaded 22-caliber handgun and caused gunfire

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Tina Springer, an Enid, Oklahoma resident got shot by a dog while she was riding in a car with Brent Parks and his Labrador, Molly. The police confirmed the accident as they got a call on October 03 that the 44-year-old has been shot in the leg by a puppy. According to the reports, Springer, Parks, and Molly were riding in a car when they pulled to a stop to let a train pass. The car also had a loaded 22-caliber handgun kept in the passenger seat when the 7-month-old yellow Labrador spooked and jumped onto the console and causing the gunfire. 

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The incident

The police did not suspect the story as Park's and Springer's stories matched up. The police officers also found three shell casings and a burn mark under the centre console. Sgt. Robert Norton of the Enid police department told an international media outlet that this is the first time that he has ever heard a dog shooting a person. He further added that it is important whenever you're transporting firearms, to make sure especially that they're kept in a secure location. According to the 911 recordings, Parks, who made the call to the police department can be reportedly heard saying that Springer was bleeding pretty bad as a gun went off and got her in the leg. He further also added that as he had a dog in the car, the dog stepped on the gun which led to the accident. According to international media, Parks created a makeshift tourniquet from a seat belt that applied pressure to the limb until the time police reached the location. Springer was then taken to a hospital and received proper treatment. 

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Similar accident

Back in 2018, a dog named Charlie shot a man who was reportedly left with three broken ribs, injured lungs, and a broken collarbone. Tex Harold Gilligan is the owner of three dogs Charlie, Scooter and Cowboy and was on the way to a jackrabbit hunt in the New Mexico desert. As soon as the dogs climbed into Gilligan's pickup truck from the driver's seat one o the dogs' foot got mixed in the trigger of the gun, caught the trigger and fired a shot at the 74-year-old.  

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