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Pennsylvania Judge Likens Trump's 'electoral Fraud' Claim To 'Frankenstein's Monster'

A federal judge, on November 21, dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign terming it as “Frankenstein’s Monster.”

Pennsylvania judge dismisses Trump campaign's claim of election fraud

A federal judge, on November 21, dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign terming it as “Frankenstein’s Monster.” In the lawsuit filed on November 9, the Trump campaign had alleged inconsistent treatment of mail-in-votes by county election officials and sought to prevent state officials from certifying the results of the state. However, US District Judge Matthew Brann nullified the allegation asserting, ''This claim, like Frankenstein's Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together.”

The judge in Williamsport, Pennsylvania said that he had “no intention” to take away the vote of even a single person, let alone millions of citizens. Commenting on the same, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, said that he was “disappointed” with the ruling. “Today's decision turns out to help us in our strategy to get expeditiously to the U.S. Supreme Court," he said.

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'Voter fraud' 

The Republican incumbent needs to reverse the results in Pennsylvania in order to overturn the vote, which experts say is highly unlikely. Donald Trump has constantly alleged widespread voter fraud in several states accusing poll officials of "illegally" counting votes after 8 p.m on the final election day. But experts claim that poll officials were following court orders while counting late-arriving votes as they were allowed to do so keeping in mind the large-scale mail-in-voting this election due to COVID-10 concerns. 

US election 2020

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden was declared President-elect by all major US media outlets on November 7, after the former vice-president managed to secure a massive lead in the key swing state of Pennsylvania. Biden was just 6 electoral votes short before he won Pennsylvania's 20 seats, which easily catapulted him to 284, way above the magic 270-mark needed to win the US Presidential election. 

According to CNN, while Trump has repeatedly refused to concede, the former vice president has won nearly 80 million votes, which is more than any US presidential candidate in history by a considerable margin. Trump, on the other hand, has reportedly received nearly 74 million votes. 

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